Our day care facility is open to individuals who wish to use both private funding or Medicaid. In both instances, eligibility requires that the individual is at least 18 years old with a medical condition requiring treatment or rehabilitative services prescribed by a physician; or has an existing physical or mental impairment which handicaps activities of daily living; or has a reasonable expectation that preventative services will improve or maintain their present level of functioning.

Application Process

Private Pay

If you intend to use your own private health insurance or funding, have your physician complete the following physician assessment form [Insert Here] and return it to our main office location.  After a brief interview, we will determine if our facility is the right fit for your family member.

Note: Private pay is on a sliding scale depending upon an individual’s level of care.  However, our base rate for day care services is $8 per hour.  We also have a standard transportation fee of $16 per day for day care participants who live within 15 miles of our facility.

Medicaid Applicants

If you intend to use your Medicaid waiver, simply inform your case manager that you would like to receive adult health day care services from our facility and have your family member’s physician complete our physician assessment form.  Once you have provided us with this document, we will contact your case manager and begin the process of scheduling and transportation.

Eligibility Criteria


An applicant must meet the Nursing Home Level of Care.


An applicant who is SSI eligible for Medicaid is automatically eligible for the waiver. Additionally, an applicant may become eligible by meeting certain income and asset limits under the special income limit criteria for long-term Medicaid benefits. For 2017, an individual may earn up to $2,205 per month in income and maintain $2,000 in assets ($3,000 for a couple). For an applicant who makes too much income, the state allows a Miller Trust, also known as a Qualified Income Trust, to funnel money into for care payment and to become eligible. Additionally, the non-applicant spouse may keep up to $120,900 in assets as well as a maximum monthly income of $3,022.50 for monthly expenses.

To apply for a Medicaid waiver for the purpose of receiving adult health day care services, please complete the Department of Health and Human Services’ form 3400-B [Insert here] and promptly return it to our office.

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Our Facility Is Licensed & Monitored By The South Carolina Department Of Health And Environmental Control (SCDHEC).

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